Does finding the best gifts for men really matter? How important are the gifts we give? Can people look through the neatly tied bows and crisp, patterned wrapping paper and see the real you and attach a meaning to it all? Is it really that important to your career, romance or influence over others?


The art of finding the best gifts for modest men might seem a relatively straightforward process, but when it comes down to it, it is not. Offering inappropriate gifts or gifts that may offend can ruin any emerging or already forged relationship. Recent research concludes that buying a wrong gift for a man can put a relationship in jeopardy. This was based on the assumption that ‘gifts act as markers of interpersonal similarity for both acquaintances and close relationship partners…’ (Dunn et al 2008). In this experiment, men’s evaluation of undesirable gifts revealed that they saw the gift giver as less similar to them. Subsequently they thought their future together with such a person would be significantly shorter.

I guess the lesson for all of us is that bad gifts reflect badly on our relationship and us as those close to us assume we know them well enough to find the perfect gift for every occasion. It also pays to remember that finding a soul mate or ‘kindred spirit’ is thought to be central to a successful relationship and satisfaction (ibid. 2008). Where we identify a similarity with a partner, friend or colleague, it is human nature to associate this with greater relationship satisfaction.

We especially like to think our partners are similar to us. So this reveals the potential harm that receiving a bad gift can do because it damages that sense of similarity when we get a bad gift. Finding the best gifts for men whether modest or not is therefore, very important in my opinion. Do not lose heart. Choosing the best gift for Christmas or any other occasion need not be an arduous task as we will be looking at how to find the perfect present for your dad, husband, son, male friend or colleague, especially if they are the modest type.

The typical epitome of the “modest guy” is one whose life is marked by simplicity and has a humble opinion of himself. To put it more bluntly he is basically a simple man with simple tastes – not that it is a bad thing. It can be nearly impossible to buy gifts for this type of man, as you are constantly second guessing your choices. Will he like it? Will it be appropriate? It may come as a surprise to most women that men generally have simple tastes and are sentimental contrary to popular belief. Although they may prioritise necessity from time to time, they also have an emotional connection to certain things and occasions. Coming back to our modest men, these men are often not very materialistic which often poses problems for anyone who tries finding the perfect gift for them.

We can draw some similarities between the essence of gift giving and our modest blokes. The art of gift giving can be traced back to ancient Roman festivals where communities gave each other simple gifts such as sacred evergreen branches during celebrations. With time and as all things do, there were changes to the types of gifts, which then included gifts of honey and cakes symbolizing prosperity and sweetness expected in the coming year.

Nowadays, gift-giving has become big business especially at Christmas with the advent of St Nick, cutthroat advertising by the media and its ability to sensationalize this once modest gesture into a shopping frenzy from early November until Christmas Eve. Ironically, there are still some cultures where there is no gift giving madness during Christmas or any other occasions for that matter! It is standard practice to be thankful to the powers that be for the added years when it comes to birthdays and a special meal, mostly chicken, rice and soft drinks for lunch to mark Christmas. At best the younger kids get new outfits to wear to church.

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